Franze Media

Podcast Production

(Live or pre-recorded / in person or remote)

  • Artwork
  • Booking
  • Broadcasting
  • Consulting
  • Custom Music
  • Development
  • Distribution
  • Editing
  • Intros/Outros/Breaks
  • Monetization
  • Promotion
  • Review
  • Show Notes
  • Transcription
  • Voice Overs

Podcasting should be fun and creative, and it is our mission to take care of the technical side of your show so that you can remain inspired and consistent. The more episodes you create, the more followers you’ll attract, and the better chance you have of monetizing your show. As your trusted advisor, we put as much attention into the production of your show as you put into creating it.

It’s our job as your production team to produce your podcast. We evaluate the vision, book the guests, manage the studio, manage the equipment, engineer, broadcast/stream, edit, and distribute the show, all you have to do is host. We even handle your promotion.

We are a team of highly educated, certified audio engineers and producers with over three decades of professional experience, so we deliver quality content and provide the best listening experience for your followers.

Note: We offer high-quality, professional services at reasonable rates. There are no commitments, no contracts, no subscriptions, and no hidden fees. Simply pay-as-you-go per episode, not per minute, that way, there are no surprises.